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Schedule a psychic or mediumship reading with a compassionate and talented practitioner

Relax on the heat therapy, infrared gemstone mat designed for wellness and pain management

Visit our beautiful classroom and practitioner rooms available to rent

Purchase inspired artwork by Sonya Shannon, a salt lamp, oracle cards, a mantra candle.

451 Oak Street -- Frederick, Colorado
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Room Rental

We have space for rent for classes, workshops and events.  We also have practitioner rooms available for rent.  Each of the rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished.  They are ready for you and your clients. 


We have a variety of services available either  in-person or by phone.  Some of our services include:  energy healing, medium reading, animal communication, psychic reading, and many more.  Click above to see a complete list of  services.  

Events and Classes

We will offer a wide variety of events and classes for individuals in all stages of growth and learning.  These classes are open to everyone in the community.  Individuals at all levels can find a program that interests them. 

What our clients say

I absolutely loved my session with Katie! She has an amazingly beautiful energy, and her connection to Spirit was wonderful to experience. She brought through the essence of my loved one in Spirit, and I could actually feel his presence during the reading. Katie has a beautiful gift, and I'm thankful that she shared it with me. --- Brandi K.
I was very impressed with the accuracy of the information that came through before I said anything. It was such an enlightening experience, but the real bonus came when physical pain that had been lingering vanished afterwards. Thank you Kim Jandro Moore! You helped solve a mystery! --- Sherry W.
Tobey is a very gifted lady. I feel like I'm talking to someone I've known all of my life when I talk to her. I would highly recommend Tobey....she's amazing. --- Chandell M.
Katie is a very gifted medium who gave me a reading through which she brought through my grandmother. She got hits that just were not public information (there is no information on any of my grandparents on my facebook), and was able to get specific details that she couldn't have gotten from anywhere but her. There is no doubt in my mind she was connecting to my grandmother and I strongly recommend her to others who seek a stable and reliable connection to the other side. --- Maria D.
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